Founded in 2003, Clear Point Health is a research and consulting firm focused on optimizing customer engagement and improving the customer experience for healthcare companies ranging from biopharmaceutical and medical device firms to providers, payers, and other stakeholders.  From key opinion leader identification  and sentiment analysis to patient journey mapping, integrated delivery network segmentation, customer satisfaction, and more, we help companies know and understand their customers and their needs.

Meet our leadership

Paul Meade 
With nearly 40 years of experience working in industry and consulting to an array of healthcare entities, Paul lends a comprehensive understanding to our company’s consulting work with healthcare and life sciences companies. Paul’s leadership has taken Clear Point Health into its second decade as a leader in helping companies identify, understand, and engage with key customer and stakeholder groups. Together, with his partners and team, he has devised multiple proprietary research methodologies focused on quality, ethics, and transparency. Paul was recently appointed Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Gillings School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where he teaches and collaborates with faculty on research in the Public Health Leadership Program.

Brian Castle
With over a decade of experience in consulting and client management, Brian serves as the liaison with our consulting, research, and accounting divisions. Brian consults with clients on cutting edge work centered on understanding customer sentiment and impact in digital/social media.

Zoe Meade
Zoe’s work focuses on several methodologies for identifying and understanding key customer groups through mapping and profiling research methodologies.  She manages, coaches, and trains multiple research teams that consistently set industry standards for scientific rigor and excellence.

Neil Mellor
With more than 30 years of experience working in strategic industry positions and consulting to a broad range of companies, Neil Mellor has helped dozens of Clear Point Health clients optimize launches and solve a host of marketplace challenges. While much of his work is focused on Fortune 500 companies, he particularly enjoys nurturing early-stage companies through strategies that position their products for long-term success.

Mark Schoeman
Mark Schoeman’s pioneering research has led to the advent of several research methodologies aimed at creating customer feedback loops for ongoing improvement of engagement and experience.  From medical science liaison assessments to customer belief mapping and roundtable insights program’s Mark’s innovations help companies create better strategies and dedicate proper resources where they can maximize customer success.

Brooke Haddock
As head of our research group, Brooke oversees research initiatives in traditional areas of thought leadership, from key opinion leader and centers of excellence identification and profiling to measuring digital influence of various healthcare stakeholders.