Clear Points Podcast

Episode One: COVID-19

A conversation featuring Paul Meade, founder of Clear Point Health and a faculty member at the UNC Gillings School of Public Health, and Mark Schoeman, CPH General Manager and Customer Experience Research Lead. Paul and Mark discuss discuss the implications of COVID-19 on industry interactions with key opinion leaders, creating a paradigm shift toward virtual engagement.

Episode Two: Let's Get Digital

Paul Meade, founder of Clear Point Health, and Brian Castle, Digital Insights Consultant, explain different approaches to understanding the digital landscape of healthcare and how different stakeholders engage with each other.

Episode Three: All About Value

Kristen Smithwick joins Brian in the virtual studio to talk all things value-based medicine; Mark Schoeman returns to the podcast to discuss the exchange of scientific content in the context of COVID-19.

Episode Four: Hey, Who Changed The Channel?

Brian welcomes Paul Meade and Mark Schoeman back to the show for a conversation on patient engagement, the focus of Clear Point Health’s newest division, as well as digital engagement with KOLs.

Episode Five: The Digital Engagement Gold Rush

Aaron Portmann joins Brian to talk about his clinical and scientific background, and how that informs his work with CPH; Kristen Smithwick returns to discuss the gold rush toward digital engagement.

Episode Six: Check My (Patient) Flow

Paul Meade joins us once again for an in-depth conversation on patient flow mapping.

Episode Seven: Have The Robots Taken Over?

Kristen Smithwick returns, along with Chief Data Officer Lisa Smith, for a conversation about human-driven research vs. automated data.

Episode Eight: Now We Know Why Sharoni Billik Is Taking Over

Host Brian Castle and frequent guest Kristen Smithwick welcome a new voice to the show, Sharoni Billik of Sharoni Billik Healthcare Communications. Hear their conversation on optimizing KOL and stakeholder relationships.