Competitive Landscape

Patient Engagement


To determine what biopharmaceutical and diagnostic/device companies are doing in the area of Patient Engagement (PE), in terms of strategy, roles and responsibilities, initiatives, measurements, and future plans.


  • Intelligence and insights for developing patient engagement capabilities
  • Guidance for growing your existing patient experience group
  • Defining scope and resources required to meet patient experience objectives
  • Justification for current investment in patient experience
  • Critical information for building or refining a patient experience value model


To conduct an electronic survey with Marketing and Medical Affairs within biopharmaceutical and diagnostic/device companies, with follow-up selected telephone interviews with survey responders. The survey will target 15-20 companies in biopharmaceutical, and 10-15 companies in diagnostic and medical device companies. The interviews will target 6-7 thirty-minute telephone interviews for each sector. All survey and interview results will be blinded and aggregated and made available to all responders.


We will seek sponsors in each sector to fund the study. Sponsors will be permitted to add a limited number of specific questions to the survey and interview guide. The cost for each sponsor will be $25,000.


The electronic survey will take 6 weeks to complete, from question development to final report. And the telephone interviews will take an additional 4 weeks to complete.


The deliverables will include a “key highlights” report for participants, and a detailed report with recommendations for the project sponsors. The final reports will be in a PowerPoint format with remote meetings to deliver the results.

 Sample Questions:

  • Do you have a formal strategy for patient engagement (PE)?
  • Is there a formal structure within your organization to manage PE?
  • Which other areas of your organization are involved in PE?
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of people working on PE.
  • Do you see a change in PE in the future in your organization with regards to headcount, budget, responsibilities, etc.
  • Is there any training programs for people working in the PE area?
  • What methods and tools do you use to capture data on PE?
  • What outcomes do you measure in the PE area?
  • How is patient information used to develop PE initiatives?
  • What do you see as the changing role of patients in the future?
  • What do you see as the commitment to PE in the future in your organization?