Digital Insights & Social Listening

You’re aware you should do a better job of listening to your customers and key stakeholders for the insights that will determine how your business moves forward. But are you listening in the right ways, in the right places?  You can only cover so much ground with your customer touchpoints and even through feedback surveys.

There’s another way; one that’ll bring it all together. Introducing Digital Insights from Clear Point Health, a new way to listen, measure, and see the digital impact of all of your key stakeholders — from physicians and providers to patients, payers, industry, and more. See who’s shaping your marketplace of ideas through online listening and monitoring from the team that’s defined thought leadership in healthcare for the last 15 years.

Contact Brian Castle at to learn more, and be sure to check out Episode Two of our podcast:

Podcast: Let's Get Digital

Paul Meade, founder of Clear Point Health, and Brian Castle, Digital Insights Consultant, explain different approaches to understanding the digital landscape of healthcare and how different stakeholders engage with each other.