MSL Assessment

With the right research and insights in your hands, you have the power to become a trusted advisor to your healthcare customers rather than a mere vendor. Clear Point Health helps you identify key customers as promoters, neutral, or detractors, then understand the gaps that create deficits in relationship value with these customers, at KOL and institutional level.

It all comes down to key performance indicators. We help you quantify medical science liaison (MSL) contributions by aligning relationship performance to your established KPIs.

In addition, we help our customers better understand the contribution of medical affairs divisions to the larger organization. side of their business.  Medical affairs teams bridge the gap between research and distribution of biopharmaceutical products, and it’s vital to understand what kind of return on investment you’re truly getting from building a reputation built on authenticity and trusted advice. Once you have the right tools to assess MSL contribution and medical affairs ROI, you can start building that reputation and better meeting the needs of your key customers.

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