Patient Experience (Px)

For many years, patients have received care, while healthcare professionals have taken the advisor and provider roles to improve their health outcomes. Now, the roles are dramatically changing, as patients are taking control and healthcare consumers are going to be the best advisors and partners, for the healthcare industry.
Organizations that systematically involve their end-users in all levels of planning, organization, and care delivery will be able to survive, grow, and actualize in this turbulent market. Patient engagement is a cost-effective and proven strategy to understand your customers and explore their experiences and expectations, in order to achieve better outcomes.

Patient Journey/Decision Maps

Voice of patient research demands that healthcare providers understand the challenges and decision points that patients must face and mitigate, in order to improve their experience and keep them engaged.

Providers think of the patient journey as ongoing sequence of care events, where a patient must follow from their point of access into the health clinic or system, continuing toward diagnosis, care, and maintenance whenever applicable.  When the patient journey does have an actual end point, it’s usually via outpatient care or at-home follow-up. Since many of us require care for a variety of diseases and conditions in a lifetime, In reality, the patient journey is and engagement should be ongoing.

Patient journey and decision mapping at Clear Point Health addresses the complexities of patient decision-making—patient capacity for decision-making, provider interaction, insurance direction, family and community, and even social media influence—with a sophisticated, customizable strategic approach. In our work, we consider care pathways, longitudinal data, qualitative patient insights, and much more, as we help providers increase patient acquisition and retention.  

Patient Insights and Action Plans

Navigating the world of patient insights can be a complex challenge without the right partner.  Clear Point Health has deep experience and tools you need for visualizing better outcomes for patients and your business.

For more than 15 years, the team at Clear Point Health has helped healthcare companies develop sophisticated platforms for data analysis, insight capture, neatly packaged for customized dashboards and visualizations.  Now, in support of your patient engagement strategies, we are taking our expertise in these areas of research and technology to deliver patient insights and action plans for improving patient engagement and the patient experience.

Whether you’re looking to improve drug and device development or quality of care, we develop technology and data platforms to capture and analyze the patient insights critical to your success and their outcomes. This program, powered by customized technology applications, is specifically designed to help you demonstrate value derived from your effective patient engagement efforts. Furthermore, our findings together will help you develop measurement standards for patient engagement that support your model for enduring value.

Patient Engagement Value and Measurement Assessment Toolkit

At Clear Point Health, we take a big picture view of the healthcare community and look to use patient engagement strategies to establish new standards for the patient contribution to better care, products, and services.

Clear Point Health, in conjunction with clients in healthcare, is deploying a patient engagement value and measurement assessment toolkit, with a goal of impacting patient care and public health outcomes in multiple positive ways. In collaboration with health systems, centers of excellence, and accountable care organizations, we are utilizing this toolkit to demonstrate the short-term impact and long-term value of effective patient engagement its impact on the patient experience.

Along with demonstrating value on multiple fronts, including economic, operational, and quality of care measurements, we are developing measurement standards for patient engagement that will support an evolving value model. This model will permanently embed patient engagement as a key strategy for business improvement and better patient care.

Disease Health and Wellness Impact and Patient-Reported Outcomes

Patient engagement is a powerful tool to drive favorable outcomes tied to treatment provided over time, and Clear Point Health provides the strategies for creating this patient-powered framework for success.

Clear Point Health is your partner for focusing on areas where you can create positive impact on the lives of patients and your business, too. This program focuses on the impact of disease with regard to certain quality-of-life measures, both healthcare-related and social. These measures, which factor in education and social determinants along with measuring quality of life and health outcomes. The goal of any patient-reported outcomes program is to demonstrate improvement in patient outcomes based on the ability of stakeholders to effectively engage with patients and to show favorable outcomes tied to treatment algorithms.

Once again, patient engagement, a factor at individual level and within groups of patients served by providers, can drive an even better good, as the captured data and insights can deliver global improvements in health and wellness by disease area.

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