By Paul Meade

Long gone are the days when you could walk into a medical practice, and get a ten-minute meeting with a physician to discuss your company’s pharmaceutical offerings. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way we interact with each other, and many medical science liaisons (MSLs) are slow to adapt to this new reality. Although times are uncertain, here at Clear Point Health, we see this new set of challenges as an opportunity to design a new, more beneficial experience for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and MSLs alike.

For safety reasons, in-person meetings between KOLs and MSLs have been largely replaced with video conferences. Over the past few months, the video conferencing industry has absolutely exploded, with apps like Zoom experiencing massive download increases compared to 2019. Since there are so many options out there, it’s difficult to decide which program is best for you and your customers, but we’re here to help. From speaking with multiple KOLs, the general consensus is that they favor the simpler, more reliable video conferencing programs as opposed to the more complicated ones with all the bells and whistles. Physicians, especially ones who are treating COVID-19 patients, are pressed for time so when a technical glitch causes a video conference to be delayed, this is a waste of their time. According to Business News Daily, here are their top four picks for video conference programs:

Now that MSLs and KOLs are moving to virtual meetings, pharmaceutical companies are brainstorming ideas for how to create value in a virtual environment as opposed to a face to face one. While scheduling a meeting or catching someone in the hallway would suffice in the past, MSLs are now having to figure out ways to engage KOLs over video which can be challenging. Here are a few tips for making the most out of your time with a KOL:

Adapting your practices to this new virtual world can be tricky, but Clear Point Health is here to help through voice of customer research. Learn what your KOLs and other key customer groups expect from you, including their engagement preferences.  

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