Customer Experience (Cx)

Customer experience is defined as how your customers interact with your company along a journey as they purchase your products and services and you deliver them. In healthcare, the customer experience can be muli-fold in nature, as different customers and stakeholders experience your company in different ways.
For pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostics companies, customers can be the patients, as well as the healthcare professionals that prescribe them and shape product development within a therapeutic area. Since each customer and stakeholder group experiences a life science company and its products differently, it’s important to use different tools and voice-of-customer research approaches to accurately collect customer data, extract insights, and create action plans to improve each customer’s experience. The team at Clear Point Health, with more than 15 years of service to life sciences stakeholders, is here to help.

Key Customer/Stakeholder Identification and Profiling

The first step in improving your customer experience is developing a greater understanding of who your key customers and stakeholders are.

Using well-honed mapping strategies developed on a solid foundation of internal expertise and proprietary research methodologies, Clear Point Health works across multiple healthcare and medical professions and therapeutic areas to provide industry-leading identification of key opinion leaders, including traditional medical KOLs, non-traditional KOLs, and academic researchers. In addition, we also develop tools for actionable direction with regard to institutional stakeholders, such as health systems, centers of excellence, professional societies, and patient advocacy groups.

To ensure our work is aligned with each client’s needs, we collaborate with internal stakeholders to first define the criteria and process for vetting experts, and then analyze the skills and experience of potential experts based on these jointly-established criteria. In the end, we help healthcare companies develop rosters of key stakeholders suitable for high-level engagement for driving their business objectives and better outcomes for patients.

Stakeholder Connectivity Mapping

When you understand the connection points among your key customers and stakeholders, it’s much easier to improve their collective and individual experiences.

Clear Point Health is a global leader in helping companies in life sciences understand the connectivity among their key stakeholders. We achieve this leadership through highly customized stakeholder identification and profiling to yield connectivity maps based not on perceived social interaction, but documented collaborations.

Our connectivity maps deliver unmatched social network analysis, with foundational data in areas of expertise, affiliations, publishing, research, and other documented professional collaborations to portray known working relationships among both established and emerging experts in medicine.

MSL Engagement Effectiveness Assessment

The customer experience is a journey, and Clear Point Health has developed tools to efficiently measure your team’s effectiveness in developing relationships for long-term growth. 

Medical science liaisons (MSLs) often lead organizational initiatives for outreach to and collaboration with key stakeholders in the medical community for biopharmaceutical, diagnostics, and medical device companies.  With our engagement effectiveness assessment, Clear Point Health benchmarks and provides ongoing monitoring of the MSL/KOL continuum, as MSLs move along a path from company representative to trusted partner of health care professionals.

Leaders are able to assess levels of effectiveness through insights gleaned directly from key customers and stakeholders, empowering them to take appropriate measures to improve relationships at individual and company level and gauge improvement over time.


Sentiment Analysis

If you could read the minds of your most important customers, you could find the answers to many of your biggest business challenges—with Clear Point Health, you can.

For nearly a decade, Clear Point Health has given clients a view inside the minds of their most important customers and stakeholders through our suite of sentiment analysis tools, including beliefs and preferences mapping. Our researchers conduct customized qualitative surveys of customer groups to understand their individual beliefs about companies, their products and services, their practices, and all of those factors with regard to their competitors.

Sentiment analysis from Clear Point Health reveals not only relationship performance gaps with leaders in healthcare, but also provides a benchmark versus competitor performance. In addition, these analyses also reveal each stakeholder’s preferred engagement activities such as the development of treatment guidelines, advisory board participation, and ongoing consulting. These studies yield actionable intelligence that is used to guide marketing and medical science outreach and collaboration.

Digital Insights

The best way to understand the myriad of stakeholders that shape your therapeutic area is through digital listening and monitoring services from Clear Point Health.

Our services for delivering digital insights combine the scientific minds of Clear Point Health with the power of industry-leading tools for assessing the impact of key stakeholder groups across the digital landscape of social media, websites, and blogs.  Digital services from Clear Point Health include digital influencer identification and social listening across major social media platforms and digital venues for the expression of thought leadership.

Our clients see a comprehensive picture of the digital landscape, driven by therapeutic area focus and geographic scope. Offered as a standalone service – or in conjunction with our traditional customer and stakeholder identification and profiling, sentiment analysis, and connectivity mapping – digital opinion leader identification and profiling provides life science marketers and medical affairs professionals with the right tools for understanding and engaging with digital leaders in the medical community.

For more on this topic, we invite you to check out our co-authored whitepaper: The Increasingly Important Role of Digital Influencers in Healthcare.

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